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Even today we continue with our do-it-yourself series with flowers, so welcome to our new episode. Today I want to show you how to make a crown of hair flowers.

The purpose of this tutorial is to help DIY lovers understand how you can make a wreath of flowers. People who have a passion for flowers and their colors know that thanks to them you can make unique and original compositions. If you follow carefully all the tips of the guide surely you can get a great final result.Now that we’re done, you can wear your flower crown and feel beautiful. Take care of this wonderful detail, replacing the flowers that begin to wilt. And finally, have fun and enjoy your moment!Pass the ribbon for the two rings, which will then serve to tie a knot around the head and use the crown as desired.



The flowers can be chosen of various types and also according to personal tastes. For example you can opt for rural flowers or for the classic flowers like tulips, daisies or lilacs. It is advisable to make the choice based on the occasion you have to face. In addition to flowers, to make the crown you need: an iron wire, a floral ribbon, scissors and adhesive tape. The latter can be replaced by using hot glue.

So the first thing to do is to collect or buy the most welcome flowers. Generally, the number of flowers depends on the size of the chaplet to be made, that is, on the circumference of the head of the wearer. At this point, with the help of a tape measure, you have to take the measurement of the circumference of the head and bring it back on the wire. IS? It is advisable to leave a few centimeters more to create the joint.



Do you like flowers in your hair? Here’s how to create nice do-it-yourself chaplets for the summer.

Today we want to help you to enhance your hairstyle for the summer using one of the most fashionable accessories of the moment. We will explain how to make DIY flower crowns.

To create a chaplet of pink flowers you will have to get pink flowers, a piece of iron, a tape measure, hot glue, adhesive tape, scissors and a satin ribbon of the color you prefer. With the tape measure, take the measurement of your head and bring it back on the wire, reminding you to leave a few inches more to create a joint.

The next step is to take the floral ribbon and start to roll it on the wire, so as to hide it. Use tape or hot glue to lock the tape. Let’s now pass to the flowers: you will have to cut them leaving about 4-5 cm from the stem and place them at your leisure on the base, with the help of hot glue.