This is because of the difference between Japanese politeness and American politeness.

I'm being looked after.

Takeuchi doesn't like traveling by air.

She takes a multivitamin pill every day.


A burglar broke into my house while I was away on a trip.

Kitty is as tall as you are.

How many times do I have to apologize?

Won't you go out to lunch with us?

Let's go to the beach.

Until when will you be in South Korea?

While she was doing the marketing, I studied.


Randell doesn't like those women.

The wormhole is unstable.

Can you translate a love letter?

Everything was exciting to me when I visited Spain for the first time.

Helen Moody was noted as a tennis player for not showing any expression on the court.

How are you going to help me?

There's something I need to give to you.

Himawan will be here in a moment.

There can be no possible excuse.


Maybe it will snow.

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I'm not sure about who to give the present to - the boy, or the girl?

"Hello." "Hi, this is Sandy. I'm calling about the package I ordered."

I dismissed the protest.

You must stay where you are.

There was a crack in the mirror.

Johnnie knows I'm Canadian.

Illegal logging is a transnational problem.

Larry might not want to help us.

I put my hand on her shoulder.


Would you please shut the window?

I had never been kissed like that.

Panacea will trust you.

It was obvious that the muscle-bound bodybuilder had been taking steroids.

See if there's juice in the fridge.

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I'm good friends with them.


Eduardo asked Manuel for her telephone number.

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That experiment was a failure.

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I didn't know that.

Wade wanted to give Jwahar a goodbye kiss, but he thought maybe he shouldn't.

If I had known it was going to bother you, I wouldn't have done it.

Apart from a few mistakes, your composition was excellent.

Clara didn't ask me to help.

Lord hesitated for a while.

I started dating Bill when I was in high school.

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Latin America is one of the world's most unequal regions.

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I knew at a glance that he was an honest man.

Be especially careful of ice on overpasses and bridges while driving in the winter.

I get off here.

That's certainly worth investigating.

It's too late to shut the barn door when the horse has already run off.

Keep off the religious issue when talking with him.

The news shocked the public.

Enjoy the little things!

There's a small campground on the south shore of the lake.


We must do something for her.

I won't tolerate it.

Shadow doesn't like his work.


I don't think I'll be able to hold in my anger any longer.

I ate at three restaurants last week. I liked all three of them.

I don't give a shit.

Jacques is always the first one to complain.

I need this job.

That was her. She was trying to creep up on me unnoticed.

Contrary to expectations, they won with ease.

It's unbearably hot.

I think I can reach the branch if you'll give me a boost.

Did you get anything from him?

I shouldn't have given Rayan my phone number.

Seymour parked in front of the building.

I couldn't do that again.


She generally helped him with his homework.


The policeman blamed the accident on the driver.


Tell me what you're arguing about.

It stings.

Let's make believe we are ninja.

Don't you want to learn things?

He has nothing to do with it.


I can't explain everything now.

This doesn't make sense to me either.

She has very neat handwriting.


This will continue.


He was paralyzed in the face of danger.

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Kieran offered no apologies.


He might have written many of his plays.

Man is distinguished from all other creatures by the faculty of laughter.

Where is the vodka?

Jennifer caught a couple of large trout yesterday.

He has a reputation for taking a long time to make a decision.

Why don't you see if you can't give her a pep talk?

We have to take advantage of this situation.

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A friend of mine is looking for someone who can speak French.

Cattle feed on grass.

As a public official you have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the constitution.


Ding is playing on computer.

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They have to change their name.

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You need to hear the truth.


Did you know Ravindranath didn't like swimming?

Don't you remember anything?

By the end of the trip we were very thirsty.

You can't trust him.

Corporate results in Japan have improved.

They kept us in the dark concerning their future plans.

I need to go to work.

Can I unload the high speed film?

Don't throw that away.

We're pretty busy right now.

We've never talked about that.

Linda is very knowledgeable about Japanese art.

Can you tell me what happened to Rich?

Are you younger than him?

The capital of Italy is Rome.

You should not speak ill of others behind their backs.

You can't see them anymore.

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We're not living together.

They had no house to live in.

I've never done anything to you.

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The clown made a funny face.

Our family consists of five members.

The current is rapid around here.

Marcel emptied his pockets.

We should get rid of her.

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That aim is impossible to attain.

Ritchey studies in Germany, but he doesn't speak any German. As the German language keeps disappearing more and more from the lecture halls, he doesn't really need to.

It appears I was wrong.

How lonely and helpless she must feel left all by herself!

Why didn't Jones find it?


I know you could always be relied on.

He came first in the competition.

Jiri is a super-intelligent squirrel.

I thought Eliot wasn't allowed to have visitors.

There are several puddles on the roads.

Well, as I said, I think she's making a mistake.

He doesn't just speak French, he speaks Spanish as well.

He has an unpleasant look in his eyes.

The is a college professor.

It looks like you're pretty clever.

Quit finding fault with me!

Marla's mother died in 2013.

Wendi started shooting.


Well, it's not really our place to tell them that they can't do so.

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He rescued the little girl at the cost of his life.

I can't leave until I've found out how Hillary is.

I've always wanted to travel around the world.

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The robot does whatever its master tells it to do.

I can't make out the meaning of this sentence.

I am no longer young, but I can still bite.

An ostrich can not fly any more than a kangaroo can.

They were sure they could do it again.

You are a very beautiful butterfly.

If the spaghetti sticks when you throw it against the wall, it's done.

Learn these words, one by one.

We hired them.

As far as this problem is concerned, you cannot escape your responsibility.

It'll be special.

I know what I know.

Everything was going to end and begin again.

That'll be impossible.

This is a very bad idea.

Jim often wears blue dresses.

I have a plan.


My cat only eats wet food.

This is cool.

We went out for a walk after dinner.

This sort of thing, it's buying stuff that's fun. Whether you use it or not is secondary.

I told you it was dangerous.