That's what I like to hear.

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She is absorbed in rock music.


My tree had a few blossoms but no fruit.

She is as guilty as he is.

The increase in amateur stealing on the part of middle-class youth indicates a break-down in the morality of the affluent.


I have the feeling that I've met that guy before.

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Go on with your work.

This is the most delicious apple.

Hitoshi turned and headed for the door.

The telephone was invented by Bell in 1876.

Have you made plans for dinner this evening?

Donal locked himself in his room and wouldn't let anyone in.

Phillip is confident, isn't he?


Harry is a wizard.

After a battle casualties are usually heavy.

She's a remarkable young lady.

Don't worry. You can confide in me.

You have no respect for me.

Now that was a simplistic answer.

They went straight to bed.

You should've asked him first.

The world was on the very brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962.

I don't want to hear your stories. I already know them all.

Rick will get used to it.

Guillermo is hard to handle.

Doctors and hospitals should help everyone.


The exosphere is the highest layer of the atmosphere. It extends from the top of the thermosphere up to 10,000 kilometers.

He got to school just in time.

The Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in Europe.


I'm sorry, but you'll have to pay an excess weight fee.

I'll stop gambling.

He was sent to save the princess.

That'll happen to you, too.

Please tell me which bus to take to get to the station.

Let me win for once.

Knowing and doing are two different things.

He believes it to be an honor to follow in his predecessor's footsteps.

I was sitting next to her.

I am tall.

Has Charleen ever asked you to loan him money?


Could you tell me where I can get a train?

I swear I never hurt them.

He took a cold bath even in winter until recently.


Until recently we took oil for granted.


What's your favorite piece of furniture?

It's no use talking to her.

She didn't know that part of the city.


You shouldn't drink on an empty stomach.

Good night, sleep tight.

Agatha waited alone in the hallway.

As a pianist, he's much better than I am.

Reid must be busy.

We need leaders.

I broke his heart, but I love him.

The trees in my garden are putting out leaves.

Money's always to be found when we need to send men to be killed on the border; but there's none left when it comes time to help them.


Who tore this package open?

I've decided to accept the job offer.

She's dishonest.

What is the ultimate purpose of education?

Don't call Gregge an idiot.


You must go, like it or lump it.

I'm going to see you later.

You can't put it off any longer.

Your hair will start to fall out.

He took me for my mother.

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The engine is working normally.

The Prime Minister has won his services as Minister for Justice.

I'm supposed to do everything by myself.

Our health is our most precious possession.

Albert is completely unfazed.

We had a layover in Boston.

He draws on his childhood experiences for the material of most of his stories.

Shoemaker, stick to your last.

Lindsey wondered what Mann would say John.

The longsword was sheathed in an intricately engraved scabbard.

With all the teaching and research, I have no time for myself.


Look for clues.

There's no stopping her.

Thank you for the article.

How many years have you been teaching children to swim?

We have written a book.

The deal was agreed to.

My secretary has a good command of English.


She used to play tennis on Sunday.

I can't understand a word you're saying.

I have to take a shower.

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Has anyone talked to them?

You're sick. You have to rest.

You have nothing whatever to feel guilty about.

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I don't want to ruin your day.

Books occupy most of his room.

Money is worth more than everything else in the world!

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She has a great appetite for adventure.

Is there anything we could do to help?

Steen will be able to drive a car soon.

Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.

A passing car hit a puddle and splashed water all over me.

It's awful, just awful.

To my amazement she came first.

This scholar studies ancient manuscripts.

You've got a lot of explaining to do.

The ship sank with all her crew on board.

We are looking for someone who is proficient in French.

Riches have wings.

I suggest you pretend you're asleep.

He has had surgery on his left leg.

He makes mountains out of molehills.

I can't understand why he did that.

George hugged Theodore from behind.

She surpasses her sister in beauty.

You should plan to come with us the next time we go camping.


Cristopher certainly wasn't too happy last night.

We can't use cellphones in here.

We weren't aware of the time.


Either you or I will have to go.


She's having an affair.

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I won't let her down.


Philip's lucky.

I heard him before already.

I want to have dinner at a restaurant.

I am waiting for my driver.

The Jacksons are waiting.

Does every boy have to learn cooking in your school?

You can't put him off until tomorrow?

You don't have to decide right now.

I guess my wife was right.

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Tomorrow it will be closed.

I'll try my best to finish it in time.

Charlie's father advised him to become a teacher.

Spanish is spoken in a whole bunch of countries.

Whatever happens to Manuel is his fault, not yours.


Lester waited for half an hour.

Poets like Milton are rare.

This building was named after him.


As a boy, I used to go fishing.

Come at once.

Because of the Internet, people can meet other people whom they otherwise would never meet without the Internet. And it is at least global.

Poor eyesight has some advantages, for example - it develops imagination.

He had got nationwide fame.

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Everyone laughed at me on the beach.

I'm sorry that I don't conform to your preconceived notions of perfection.

If you go fishing tomorrow, I will, too.

Please put this thermometer under your arm.

Rich is doing significantly better.

Can't you wait just ten more minutes?

Are we on the air?


I won't accept that kind of people in my house.

I was with Everett this afternoon.

According to a survey, 1 thousand million people are suffering from poverty in the world.

I'm supposed to be at school now.

I'll have Piete bring up some dinner for you.


Sharada asked Dave if she was OK.


He was a writer who had never lived up to the promise of his first novel.

What college did you go to?

She will clean my room.

Suresh lowered her eyelids.

Just try to relax.


Why isn't Revised in jail?

You picked a bad time.

I was expecting you last night.

Why should we need more money?

Troy was dumbstruck.


Tal put his wallet back into his pocket.

Mat is a Turk.

Herbert nodded his head a few times.