He's had many unhappy experiences.


Namibia is an African state.

I thought I'd visit Page in the hospital this afternoon.

Dan landed safely.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Either you or I must go in his place.

Cynthia hit the ball with the bat.

I am not a pacifist.

Fish have gills and fins.

No matter what your main purpose is in reading, books should never fail to provide contentment and satisfaction.

He's not in the mood.

I am still young.

Are there any tourist here this evening by any chance?

I wish you well in your future endeavors.


Maybe I should go help Marcos.

We'll never know what really happened to Rabin.

There is little doubt that tightening of an already stripped system will have dramatic consequences for industry and municipalities in rural areas.

Tolerant tried not to hurt Jarl.

Who will you vote for for president?

I brought the point home to the student.

How does a calculator do math?

I don't think you can do this.

Tracy doesn't have any bad habits.

Whatever the problem is, we can work it out.

He doesn't know the cares of raising children.


There was a ship sailing on the sea.

I felt sorry for you.

Bryce has been here since 2013.

Jeany is clearly the winner.

All the world wishes to have peace.


My mind is torn and undecided.


What are you looking for in the darkroom?

We shouldn't do that.

I mused on the meaning of his painting.

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Man is the only animal that can make use of fire.

Then we went to the theater.

I'm thinking of changing majors.


Their concern is understandable.

There was nothing worthy of remark at the fair.

I don't want to be late for class on the first day.

I'm sorry for what I did.

I can't stand that silly woman.

Until next year!

Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.

He does not come here every day.

I would scream very loudly if I saw a scorpion in my room.


Tracy told me he wanted to be a teacher.

I think she's attracted to you.

Many yachts are in the harbor.

His age didn't enter into our decision not to employ him.

Part of this conviction is rooted in my own experience.

We're new at this.

We know that this is impossible.


Marie believes in life before death.

I love the way it feels.

Tyler was insincere.

That's really bad news.

Michael didn't have a fever this morning.

Do you have some lip balm? My lips are dry.

Rupert doesn't want to eat at that restaurant.


I walked across the street.


You're unfriendly.


I can't let myself be captured.

It's accurate.

They scraped up enough money to buy a gift for their mother.

Mr Brown is looking for his own glasses.

Don't call her now.

The yen is still low against the dollar.

I didn't catch his name.

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I'm going to report you to police.


If Cris gives you any trouble, just call me.

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I know that I am a good teacher.

See Sandip, I told you didn't have anything to worry about.

He's too old for you.


You're supposed to be asleep.

You are a creep.

Rees, I want you to come with me.

My uncle is very fond of fishing.

He is beyond doubt the best athlete in our school.


Alastair is a coward. He ran from the battle.

That's very good news.

The leaves fell to the earth.

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Kyung isn't very responsible.

Our international sales continue to grow, bringing the name of Toyo Computer into businesses world-wide.

I've completely forgotten his name.

This was all a misunderstanding.

There below lies Germany, which was formerly covered by a very dense network of railways and canals.

Japan recognized the new government of that country.

Japanese gardens usually have ponds.

What a boring film! Nothing ever happens!

People would sell their souls to hear the concert from those seats.

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You really are fond of eating.


The plane was blown up by hijackers.


I guess they really weren't so hungry.

It was quiet all around.

Isn't Joachim forgetting something?

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It's good that you came to me.

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Picking out the right man, he would strike him.

He will arrive on June 24th.

What's the stupidest thing you've ever seen Russ do?

A good businessman knows how to make money.

He is very good-looking.

I don't want you to go home.

We're going downtown.


It may seem like a lot of trouble to go through, but in the end, you'll be happy you did it.

What else can I say?

She pointed out the mistakes I had made.

Is that old car giving you any more trouble?

I'll make the room comfortable.

He is not equal to his father.

I'm not as bad as Elias.

What do you use this for?

Oscar won't tell me who he's dating.

How much does the kilo of onions cost?

Only joking.

Could you get the train at 11 last night?

Whose is this camera?

Oh, it's quite simple, really.

Don't do it for me.

I've seen him naked before.

Who didn't know that?

Timothy calls Todd every night.

He melted her heart.


By tomorrow, we'll know who won the elections.

"Are you a movie star now?" "No, silly."

Dominick speaks French well.

You are a guru at this.

Belief in God is not evil per se.


Louiqa is very interested in French.

Jamie isn't wearing any shoes.

Winston was an earthborn, but he emigrated to the Martian colony Barsoom in his teenage years.

I should head out.

I have a stomachache.


He seems tired tonight.


I'm studying in the library.

You won't make mistakes.

I'm sending you $12 on my order No. 2345 by check.

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The fastest way to travel is by plane.

After the mercurial and embattled state governor left a profanity-laced message on a legislator's telephone answering machine, he tried to explain himself: "I was so angry that I couldn't breathe."

Mah Jackson is our only suspect.

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Shadow is related to me.

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That could buy us some time.


I'll need a few things.

But it's in the newspaper!

They discovered a very talented player during summer training.

Thank you for helping me find a good job.

She rested on his promise.


We might not need to pay the full price.

Brad carefully transplanted the tiny tomato seedlings into his vegetable patch.

You had better try buttering him up first.


You're being missed so much.

My vacation went by quickly.

Consider it done.

All in all, the novel was a success.

Himawan wrote down without fail every one of Kemal's words.


I had a very good time.

We want to become citizens.

I am standing here, face to face with nothing.

Tell them that everyone is here.

I forgot to bring warm clothes.

This is where Anne works.

I don't miss home at all.


When can we see each other again?